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Kangerlussuaq 2013

Opdateret d. 8.2.2016

--[30 november 2013 ]--
At this moment I am back in Haderslev. I had a good experience in the CQ WorlWide DX CW Contest as SingleOperator LoPower AllBand.
I made 2228 QSO's in this Contest and had more great RUN's with huge pile-ups - very hard to read calls when hundreds calling at the same time and same frequence.
Biggest problem was for all the callers to read me in the noise so I tried to go SPLIT listening up about 300Hz and that gave me a boost in my QSO-rate. Now my LoPower signal was better heard.
Read more about the contest here.

Activity outside the Contest was not very much. The days before I arrived in Kangerlussuaq there has been stormy weather and all the antennas had been laid down for security reasons. We had to raise all the antennas before I could go on the air and of course this was the coldest days so often I had to go inside for warming up.

QSL preferred via LoTW

Here you see my Ten-Tec Eagle 599 and Palm Radio Paddle used in Kangerlussuaq together with my IBM X61 Laptop.

--[11 november 2013 ]--
I am planning activity from November 21 to 25 with CW. This will include participating in the
CQ WorldWide DX CW Contest November 23/24 as Single-Operator, Low-Power, All-Band.
I will be using my Ten-Tec Eagle 599 radio, my paddle and my LapTop together with the Antennas at XP1AB Clubstation in Kangerlussuaq and I do hope for many contacts around the world.

Weather in Kangerlussuaq.         I look forward to meet you.

--[2 September 2013 ]--

Now I have planned activity from Kangerlussuaq November 21-24, 2013.
The days before Contest I will be active mostly on the WARC bands with CW only.

November 23-24, I participate in The 2013 CQ World-Wide DX Contest using my Ten Tec 599 100W transceiver.

I do hope to meet you on the bands!

--[22 Maj 2013 ]--

The trip to Kangerlussuaq May 2013 is unfortunately canceled due to illness.
I am sorry and I do hope to make a tour later this year.

--[ 20 Marts 2013 ]--
Another trip to Kangerlussuaq are planned for  May 23th until May 27th  2013.
Flight and overnight accommodation are reserved and the radiolicense are up-to-date. The callsign will stay XP2i.

Like last year I will participate in the CQ WPX CW Contest during the weekend of May 25/26th using the antenna-facilities of the XP1AB radiostation on Black Ridge and I will bring my Ten-Tec Eagle 599AT, my computer and my paddle.
Participation will be in the Low-Power category (Also like last year).

--[ 19 Marts 2013 ]--
Currently weather in Kangerlussuaq is hot for the season. At present, the temperature is between 0 and +3 degrees Celsius. Last week temperatures reached +8 to +10 degrees Celsius. Very high temperatures and not normal at this time of year.


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