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[15. May 2017]

Hotel Malvina in Golem (south of Dürres) are booked. Flytickets has arrived (Copenhagen - Istanbul - Tirana).
This week I will have to test the antenna. And the Elecraft KXPD3 paddle are sent to Elecraft for a Rebuild, so I have to use my Palm Radio mini paddle. And so I also have to find a way to attach it to the KX3 - if no success it must be the K3 I bring to Albania again.

I look forward to meet you in the WPX contest !

[2. May 2017]
Today I made a Hotel reservation in Golem, Albania and bought tickets for airplane.
I will be in Albania from 24th May until 30th May 2017.

Also I am going to meet my two friends, ZA1F Fatos and ZA1U Edmond who also helped me this time with license and hotel.
My initial plan is to bring a long wire and a couple of Balun/Unun. Furthermore my broken DX-Wire mast (broken in Malta 9H) - it is about 7 meter high. Radio will be Elecraft either K3 or KX3/KXPA100.

Of coarse I want to participate in the CQ WPX CW Contest 27-28 May with the call ZA/OU2i - hope to meet you !

[4. July 2015]
Today I received the QSL cards so now I "just" have to fill-out them all and deliver to the OZ bureau. I am sending 100% QSL via bureau.

Also I have sent the cards that was requested as direct mail.
Thank you everybody for our contacts - CUAGN from another location in the near future.

[4. June 2015]        Some info from the Log program.

1-band: OU5U - OV2V - OZ1AAR - OZ1ADL - OZ1AXG - OZ1JHM - OZ1NF - OZ1OXQ - OZ4ACK

[3. June 2015]
Today I received my baggage and everything is OK. It was held back for Security Check in Munich airport where they have tried to examine the Diamond BB7V vertical. Nothing found.
This delay lead to the baggage sent via Hamburg to Billund in Denmark and then brought to my address by a carrier.

[3. June 2015]
I'm back from Albania all though my baggage is not - it did'nt reach Hamburg together with my plane. So now I hope to receive all my equipment and the Diamond antenna in good condition in the near future. Hopefully it will arrive here one of the nearest days.

I have uploaded pictures and the results of my participation in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest. Look at the corresponding links.

[27 May 2015]       I am QRT from Durres in Albania - Thank you for the CW QSOs !

[20 May 2015]

Today I received my license and the callsign - GREAT THANKS to ZA1G and ZA1U for their help.
I did not get the ZA2EE call as I whished so I may use ZA/OU2I.

Now everything is ready for my travel to Albania.

Fatos ZA1G has made some arrangement with hotel in Durres and I'm bringing with me my Elecraft K3, my Laptop and my Diamond BB7V vertical plus a balun and some wire. Hopefully I can make some sort of Long Wire antenna.

[15 May 2015]

So the flight are booked. It will be from Hamburg via Vienna to Tirana.
I will stay in Albania between May 26th and June 2nd
The returnflight is from Tirana, via Munich to Hamburg.

[12 May 2015]

I've just come home from a roundtrip in some of the Balkan countries visitting Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Together with my son I was flying from Copenhagen via Vienna to Skopje in Macedonia. There we rent a car and drove via Prizren in Kosovo to Tirana, the capital of Albania.

In Tirana we met with Fatos ZA1G and Edmond ZA1U. They helped me get a license so I can participate in CQ WW WPX CW Contest late May.

I have not yet received the papers with the official permission, but according to Fatos and Edmond there should be no more obstacles to overcome.
The call sign should be ZA2EE (or ZA3EE).

The plan is to bring my Elecraft K3 radio and my vertical Diamond BB7V antenna.

The QTH is expected to be a hotel in Durres at the Adriatic Sea - with sight to Italy.


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