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Pictures from the XP1AB station and the antennas on the mountain. You may also find some pictures of the operators from the XP2I Contest crew. Feel free to take a look.

No bridge yet so we have to walk up the mountain the two first days  :o(
The bridge was damaged by the river in July and is yet not available for cardriving.
So the first three days we had to walk the mountain - hard work :o)
Since late august there are nearly no water in the Watson River.

Here you see the emergency road made in stead of the bridge and ready 3 days after our arrival. Also you can see some of the runway and far away our camp, called Old Camp. The picture are north-west view from Black Ridge where XP1AB station is placed.

Antennas in the sky. Looking south.

The radiostation in the mountains about 200 meter above sealevel.
In the background you see the Ice-Cap. Looking east.

OX3KQ Jesper
Jesper - OX3KQ
On this picture you see our Antenna-GURU. If you ever have a piece of wire and you dream
of a super antenna then you should call Jesper. He do have the magic touch :o)

What cable goes where and to what?
This was a jungle and of coarse we made even more chaos with new cables :o)

Jens - OZ2JI. CW operator and also used his OX3JI call sign that he have had
in many years since he, years back, worked in Greenland.

Jørgen - OZØJ. Active most on SSB with OX/OZØJ call sign. Also CW active.

Henning - OZ1BII.   Only CW using my Greenland call sign XP2I.
Using my Ten-Tec Eagle 100W on WARC bands.
Using Yaesu Ft1000 Field + OMR2500 PA on 80 and 160M and under the SAC Contest.

View in nort-east direction from the radiostation.
Here you clearly see the Ice Cap.

The antennatower in the sunset. Looking west.

Break and relaxing from antennawork and pile-ups.
As we say in Denmark; "Without drink and food, the operators will go mute"
(free translated by XP2I ;o)

OX3JI in action calling DX stations on 20 Meter CW.

The Team on their way home - OZ1BII - OZ2JI - OZØJ

And the flight goes to Copenhagen - Denmark.
Thanks for a nice trip with many QSO's - cuagn next time !


- XP2I will be single CW operator in LZ DX Contest November 2012 -

OZ1BII - OU2I - 5P2I - XP2I  -   Mail til mig - Alle informationer på disse sider gives uden nogen form for garanti af rigtigheden og er kun beregnet til almindelig information. Jeg skriver om mine oplevelser som radioamatør, om mine stationer (Ten-Tec Argonaut 509 5W, Ten-Tec Century 21, Ten-Tec Triton 540, Yaesu FT-450, Ten-Tec Eagle 599) og antenner (LW, W3DZZ dipol og 3 element Hygain 10-15-20 samt diverse trådantenner) og byggeprojekter. Best 73 de OZ1BII  -  Videoredigering