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Cayman Islands Pictures
Opdateret d. 21.4.2016

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Packing stuff - also a bit of cloth

The airplane is waiting to take off from Hamburg

Arrived at the hotel - My view to the Carribean

And so I found Savannah and next...

I found the sign telling me that I was close.

My first impression of the antennafarm at ZF1EJ QTH.
That LOG Periodic 10-40m is huge!

The shack seemes small under the antennas.

Andrew and the Antennas.

Inside the shack I installed my K3 and portable PC.

Some of the wall decoration.

CR Pro for 10-40m, LOG for 10-40m, 6/7-elm for 10-20m, 2-elm for 80m, wire for 160m.

Me in the shack ready for the WAE CW contest to start.

Another view of the great LOG antenna. I used this throughout the Contest..

This is the 2 element 80m antenna tower.

I was visitting most of the island and found some nice places...

...including some nice beaches.

At the hotel there are three pools.

So its time to fly home. I traveled via Houston TX, NewArk NY and finally Hamburg Germany.

My last look of Grand Cayman island.

And this was another great journey with my radio.


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