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Contesting from
Kangerlussuaq Greenland

Opdateret d. 8.2.2016

LZ DX Contest 2012

Single Operator - All Band - Low Power - CW

I had great expectations to this Contest as a "Varm-up" for the CQ-WW CW and hoped for
good conditions on the bands so I would get many contacts.

Last year I participated from Denmark with my homecall OU2I.
With 20 hours activity I got 718 QSO's and 128 Multipliers.

This year I hoped to do better mainly because I was the only station working from
Zone 5 and also XP is a rare callsign.
Unfortunately the conditions was poor from saturday evening until sunday morning and I did not get many contacts on the lower bands. Click on the picture on the right to see my activity shown with bands and speed of points. About 15 Hours of operation.

I started with many contacts on 20, 15 and 10 Meter bands running lots of EU stations. At 20 UTC the higher bands closed and I had to go down from the mountains to get some food. I was back again 21:30 UTC and the bands where quit silent. The only activity was on 40 Meter but my Lo-Power had a hard time to get thrue the noise.
All night there were only very few stations on band and the 80M (and 160M) was to noisy for contacts. So I was sleeping for some periods because conditions did not get better.
Around 04:30 UTC I had more activity on 40 Meter for about an hour or so. Then again at 08:30 I had luck on 20 Meter band with a good opening to EU and later 15 Meter gave many QSO's.

Here you can see my final result:

[November 14th 2012]
In this Contest I will participate as XP2I - Cat.B - Low Power.

Again I have an agreement with Jesper OX3KQ to be active from the XP1AB station from November 16th to 19th.

XP2I are placed in ITU Zone 5 - a rare multiplier for all participants in the contest.
Click here to read about the contest.

When I come back from Greenland you will find information about the trip on this page.

Read about preparations and last news of XP2I here.

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