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Contesting from
Kangerlussuaq Greenland

Opdateret d. 8.2.2016


Scandinavian Activity Contest participating from Kangerlussuaq as Multioperator SingleTransmitter with

OZØJ Jørgen,   OZ2JI Jens  and  OZ1BII Henning

operating in 2-hours shifts all the 24 hours.

OZ2JI and OZØJ traveled from Copenhagen on 10 September, while OZ1BII just had to work a few days more and would travel 12 September.

As many probably have seen in the Danish news, part of the bridge over the Watson River disappeared in July. Therefore, we have had some correspondence with OX3KQ Jesper about driving conditions across the bridge, and not at least how we came over to the radio club with our equipment.

We arrived in Kangerlussuaq Monday on the same flight as OX3KQ Jesper, who had been on holiday in Denmark. After accommodation in the hostel Jesper picked us up, and we took for a bridge sightseeing. Roadwork was started to create a temporary solution so driving "over" the bridge was possible, but we found that it was not Monday we could get over the bridge with a car. We therefore packed backpacks with minimal gear, and started our walk against Black Ridge at approx. 3.5 km gravel road and about 200 meters up.

. Monday afternoon, it was a little time to CQ in several bands, both SSB (only OZØJ) and CW. On the way down Monday night we met OX3HI, Holger, who had arranged something driving. Jesper got a car to the other side of the bridge, so we could drive to the bridge, go over, and then continue to drive in another car. This way we transported the last heavy equipment up to the radiostation.

Right up to and including Friday night we made a lot of QSOs with near and far. Under instruction of Jesper we made antennas for 30M, 40M and 12M, so we were covered on all bands from 160 to 10 M. There were problems with interference the 3 stations between when all the antennas were mounted on the "scaffold", but it helped when we moved some of the antennas away.

Our Contest RIG:
Yaesu FT1000 MP Mark-V Field
OM-Power PA-trin OM2500HF driving 1KW

10M: 5 elm full size yagi - 15 meter up
15M: 4 element full size yagi - 24 meter up
20M: 3 element full size yagi - 12 meter up
          2 element Moxon (pointing EU) - 12 meter up
40M: Dipol - 20 meter up
80M: ¼ wave vertikal with about 25 radials

For the WARC bands:
12M: Dipol - 20 meter up
17M: 3 element yagi - 12 meter up
30M: ¼ wave vertikal with 4 radials - 4 meter up
160M: Long Wire Inverted-L - 22 meter up

Saturday at 12:00 UTC (10.00 local time) we were ready to start contesting. We started out at 15 M, and after a short time there was a huge Pile-up. This Pile-up getting "worse" as we were beaming more and more towards Europe, and finally our QSO-rate fell to less than about 1 QSO per minute because of the many stations calling us.

10 meters was closed during contest and we got no QSOs on that band at all. In return, both 15 and 20 meters had very good conditions, even in the small hours and also early Sunday morning.
On 80 meters there was not much opening and we came too late in the process. On 40 meter it was much better.

We made 1569 QSOs, 155 multipliers and a preliminary score of 564,200 points. Thrue the contest we had contact with 72 different DXCC entities.

We had an accident as we all were "put down" of a disease called "roskilde sick". It started Thursday afternoon when OZØJ had to lie "along" throughout Friday. The rest of the participants (including the host) was hit Sunday morning and was more or less useless rest of the day.
Monday morning we went QRT, packed our equipment together and cleared up nicely after us.

We got a total of nearly 6,000 QSOs, including those in SAC contest.
QSL cards are to be designed and commissioned. The flow of incoming QSL cards from different countries have already started - the first was in the mailbox when we got home.

Thanks for QSO to all the stations.
Now we look forward to the next expedition because there will be more - it's just exciting.

Vy 73 de OZ2JI, OZØJ and OZ1BII.

There are pictures here and you can see more information about XP2I here.

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