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November 2012
Opdateret d. 8.2.2016


On 160 Meter TOP BAND I made nearly 200 QSOs on my trip to Kangerlussuaq.
Conditions are very strange up there inside the aurora zone. Some times there were only noise at level S9 and short time after there could be open with good conditions to Europe and signals with S7-9 and noise around S5-6. Then 15 minutes later the noise again grow and closed band for 30-60 minutes.

I got many QSOs with England - the nearest neigbours :o)
Next to this was Scandinavian stations with strong signals - S6-7.
Quiet a lot of German stations and some Hungarian and Bulgarian with signals around S4-5.

The most far away station on 160M band I had contact with, was EY8MM Nodir in Dushanbe Tajikistan. As you can se on the Azimuth picture to the right (Click for enlargement) this is a distance of 7205 KM - quit a lot with the simple Inverted-L antenna.
Nodir came "out of the blue" with a S6-7 signal as the only readable station, but faded away. 2 minutes later he's signal came with just S3-4, but readable.

Many stations from USA came in and I had contact with 24 States including FL TX NM WY OR TN NJ NY OH . . .

45 different DXCC entities in total on 160 Meter band.

[21. November 2012]
Now I'm back in Denmark.
From Minus 20 degree to plus 10 degree celcius.

The picture at the right side was taken at noon and is me standing by the 12 meter tower for the 20/17M YAGI.
The sun does not get higher up and within a week it will not reach the sky at all. Then it will come back in february again.

There were no 40M antenna so we raised an 11 meter high GP with four radials on a small hill-top near the Club-house.
Later Jesper mounted his 40M rotatable dipole in one of the masts in the big tower.

Antennas was:
5 element YAGI for 10M
3 element YAGI for 15M
3 element YAGI for 20M
Dipole and vertical GP for 40M
Vertical for 80M

Inside the Club-house I put up my radio and laptop and got connection with the Antenna-switch.
Everything working well. So the station was ready for the LZ DX Contest starting next day at 9:00 local time - just after the first daylight. Read about the Contest here.

After finishing the Contest I looked forward to be active on TOP BAND. My plan was to be active the 18th around 19:00 UTC but I did not manage to go up the mountain before 20:30 UTC.
Listening on the band did not give hope of any QSO's - noise level around S6-S8.
I had my first QSO on 160M at 20:48 UTC - G7VJR came in with very strong signal S9.
Then I worked stations mostly in the northern EU - including OZ1FAO and OZ1LXJ. Most stations with S5 to S7 and more stations with up to S9.
At 22:30 UTC the band closed for me and also 80M was closed, so I made some 40M QSO's.
Around 00 UTC there was some action on TB again and I worked USA and EU for about half an hour as the noiselevel raised. Again some 40M until 02:00 UTC where 160M opened shortly for USA. Only half an hour and that was it.

Outside the Club-house there was beautiful northern lights and inside there was only noise left on TOP BAND.

So this is my last trip to Greenland for now and I do not know when I will be active as XP2I again.
Thank you everybody for the nice contacts and thereby making my travels eventful.

[18. November 2012 - 12:00UTC]
Bad condx on low band - no opening all night. Not on 160M and not on 80M
But very wonderfull sight of Aurora Boralis - unfortunately :o(
I hope for better condx to night. And also i have KW tonight, so get better true :o)

[12. November 2012]
The LZ DX Contest do not include the 160 Meter band.
But I have planned CW activity on TopBand in the night between 18th and 19th of November.
Initial plan is to be active around 1822 KHz +- and starting around 22:00 UTC.
Look forward to good condx and many contacts.

[2. November 2012]
Only 14 days to activity. Everything is in place and I leave to Copenhagen the 15th of November. Then early morning the 16th flying to Greenland and going for an excursion - perhaps to the Ice Cap. Maybe I will make my Rig ready in the evening - depending of weather and transportation.
The contest starts saturday at 9:00 local time and I hope to meet you on the bands !

[2. oktober 2012]
I have made a new agreement with Jesper OX3KQ about a visit in November. I am planning to participate in 24-hour LZ DX Contest on 17/18 November. The trip is booked and agreements are in place.

My initial plans are to run LZ DX test from 17 November 12:00 UTC Saturday until Sunday 12:00 UTC.
Then sleep until the evening at around 21.00 UTC (18.00 local time) where I will try to activate the 160 and 80 meter bands throughout the night. Early monday morning I will pack my stuff and leave with the airplane around 13:00 UTC.
And I expect to be able to sleep on the way home   :o)


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